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Activate Your Summer Events with Mobile Apps and Digital Screens

Summer is finally upon us …the season we cannot get enough of!  We’re sure you’ll agree that summertime is the best (for an endless number of reasons), but one of the greatest aspects of this fantastic season is the number of events, concerts, festivals, conventions, and other opportunities held every year! We all have the opportunity to socialize with hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of people at a time, while enjoying tasty food, refreshing drinks, and second to none entertainment.There is an opportunity that some event organizers miss, and that is real-time communications via mobile messaging and apps, as well as interactive displays.   With countless staff members, organizers, executives, and patrons that need to be aware of updates, changes in daily schedules, staff procedures or on-the-spot troubleshooting. For decades, events have been organized by traditional technology – two-way radios, email blasts, and other older technology that simply is not efficient enough!

Think of all the times you have been at an event, the local fair for example, and there was a change in weather, wait times, attractions or safety procedures – ideally you would have wanted to know this information hours, if not DAYS before hand! Communication is key, and this is why NexGEN Marketing Group has the most innovative, affordable communication apps custom designed to your event…to precisely keep employees and patrons aware of key information at all times!

We pride ourselves on providing the newest technology and services that help make your life easier. Our newest mobile apps called the IMBA & EMBA can be branded to your organization and events.  They are internal and external marketing applications that connect employees within businesses (IMBA) and customers/clients/patrons within a specific target audience or market (EMBA).

And here’s more good news…The AFFORDABILITY of these apps are unbelievable really – at under $100 per month, we can put your organization on the bleeding edge without having to invest thousands of dollars and time developing your own.

Digital screen signage is also a huge opportunity to feature attractions, event timing, sponsors, updates, contests and more!  Our partnership with Firefly Digital Media will help bring your events to life from the minute patrons enter the door to center stage!

So join the cool crowd and get your app ordered today! Contact or call (519) 501-6346.