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fall marketing ideas
Do Digital Marketing tactics, practices, and elements change with the seasons? YES! Does the time of year REALLY impact how you market your business digitally? Another BIG YES!

The time of year and season has a huge impact on how you market your business, how your business communicates to potential clients, and how you present yourself on social media. As the seasons change, so does your attitude towards business, new clients, marketing, and planning ahead for the new year. The Fall season is a great time for driving final results to year end and starting a fresh outlook for the upcoming year.

Your business’ core values, mission, and vision should also be reviewed and possibly even revised at this time of the year as well. We highly suggest having an updated list of core values and goals for 2020. This is how you organize your priorities as a team and narrow your focus on what you really want to achieve the following year in terms of increased revenue, new clientele, etc. NexGEN’s “Build Your Biz” is a great resource for learning how to prioritize and organize your new goals and 12 month plans. Check out this survey to test out your business and see where you stand:

The Fall months should be used for planning ahead for the following year, especially in regard to marketing and budgeting. Using your ROI from the past business year as a future blueprint is a strategy that not many businesses take advantage of, but now the opportunity is here!

Here at NexGEN Marketing Group, our App: InstaROI is the ideal tool for this exact time of year. Using InstaROI not only calculates your return on investment from your marketing elements, but provides you with a map for the year ahead. We are offering you a ROI calculator that can act as a consultant, organizing tool, and marketing secret weapon – for less than $100!

NexGEN Marketing stands for everything innovative, new, and exciting in the world of digital marketing and business growth. The Fall season coming up represents just that. While your competitors are slowly shutting down and preparing for end of season, stay multiple steps ahead and plan for your NexGEN-eration of business and marketing strategies with InstaROI!

Contact NexGEN Marketing Group at or (519) 501-6346. We can answer any questions you may have, and start on a Marketing Plan for Fall right away!