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Click funnels for increases sale
Click Funnels – The Sales Person You Didn’t Know You Needed!

usinesses are having an increasingly difficult time getting their messages read on social media networks such as Facebook due to communication clutter and changing algorithms! This is happening because Facebook is a social channel first, and prioritizes personal posts over business posts. It can be solved through paid ads, but even then, most people feel like they are being “sold to” and may not engage.

A new strategy which is becoming trend-worthy, is CLICK FUNNELS!  This is a communication ad strategy that brings your business more customers and qualified leads as smoothly as water floods through a funnel. The stages of a Click Funnel are similar to a traditional sales funnel – Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. It is called a CLICK Funnel specifically because of the awareness and interest of future clients comes from clicking from one link to another, gradually gaining more interest, providing education on a product or service, building trust, creating a lead and finally a conversion to sales.

Click Funnels amp up your social media because they take your messaging to the next level.  The nature of a series of ads requires active engagement from your social media surfers.  By creating a variety of compelling messages that speak to customer “pain points” for various services, you engage the audience in a conversation-like fashion. The end game is to point to a lead page with a form, or a phone number to call and inquire.

This is one of the newest, most innovative tools in social media marketing and is especially useful for industries such as professional services, human resources, training and development, real estate, mortgage brokers, SAAS offerings (Software As A Service)…or really ANY product or service that has an educative component before a sale can be made.

The traditional Sales Funnel is a prospecting style that involves sales calls, emails, and creating a personal relationship that ultimately ends in a sale (hopefully!) A Click Funnel is similar, but more efficient as it is delivered in a digital fashion. Some customers prefer Click Funnels over sales calls where they may feel obligated or even intimidated by a live salesperson.  Human behaviour and mindsets tends to prefer “choice to engage” over “force to engage”, so this is where Click Funnels are highly effective.  Because Click Funnels are very engaging, most surfers feel entertained and motivated to click through to find out more! The delivery mechanism is Facebook primarily, whereby ads are placed directly to the target audience you desire, in the geographic region desired.  Budgets are set based on reach and not pay per click, delivered to “new prospects” and not existing social media followers on your page.

Another fantastic reason to consider using Click Funnels is the speed in which they can reach future clients. Cold calling and emailing takes a matter of weeks or even months to truly make some great relationships and sales, but Click Funnels are managing this sales process for you by reaching thousands of viewers automatically!

Your ROI can always be calculated using Click Funnels as well, because you can simply watch the number of clicks and engagements, proving just how popular and useful this innovative tool can be!

If you love the newest and most innovative sales tools on the market, contact NexGEN Marketing Group at or  (519) 501-6346. We can answer any questions you may have, and demonstrate how we can execute a Click Funnel campaign that delivers leads to you TODAY.