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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Marketing Your Business!

Do you want to market your business, but don’t know where to start? We believe any good marketing decisions start with some good stats and facts – often driven by knowledge of what would work (or has worked in the past).  The secret lies in Return on Investment.  Wouldn’t it be great to know what your return would be BEFORE you spend money?

Many people are intimidated by ROI however.  The very phrase conjures up the notion of lengthy spreadsheets, numbers, google searches and more! What if we told you that we have a highly innovative, intuitive, desktop/mobile app that can calculate your ROI in 5 minutes? You might say, “yes I need that”!

Marketing can often be a daunting task, especially when you are just starting out with your first business venture or trying to grow an existing business that has come under new competitive pressures. Have you ever asked yourself these questions: How do I advertise and promote? Where do I start – online or traditional? What marketing elements do I use? How much will it cost me? These are all very common questions.

Marketing can be a mystery because it is always changing. There are always new trends, patterns, and digital updates that can be difficult to keep up with.  And some elements are difficult to measure such as events, sponsorships and traditional advertising.  Our tool InstaROI provides an easy-to-use template that can be filled in and provide numbers in minutes.  So in that way, it is predictive…but it can also be used to track actual results, thereby becoming “learned” information.

InstaROI simply means: instantly calculating your return on investment for every marketing project and campaign you use in your business. Anything from radio advertisements, event booths, print media, digital and websites can be used to market your business…and ultimately you will want to keep track of your return on investment from these efforts and investments.

Your ROI is more than just a calculation of profit and income, it is a great tool to further plan your business for years ahead.  InstaROI is a marketing and business development consultant in the palm of your hand! Our innovative app saves data throughout years of marketing and advertising and helps you fund your business for years ahead and plan out budgets as you learn from the InstaROI results. We especially recommend InstaROI to Marketing Agencies that are selling marketing products and services and looking for a ROI calculation to help sell their ideas to clients.

InstaROI is basically a calculator template where you input your projected costs, value of a lead, and finally, outcomes from your various campaigns. Our multi-element dashboard provides you with your return on investment from any marketing element imaginable! The opportunity to share your ROI results within your company will lead to better decision making for the future. This promotes team building and motivation to improve your ROI for future projects, as well as save money and create new ideas based on initiatives that really work.


Another amazing feature within the InstaROI app is how user friendly and simple it is to use.  We not only provide you with free demos and tutorials to get you started, but we have also incorporated guidelines, help functions and Q&A’s to access real-time. InstaROI provides REAL RESULTS and REAL NUMBERS to help guide your marketing decisions and business growth.

To walk down the yellow brick road, take the first step and visit our website at or contact us at (519) 501-6346/ for a free demo!  Consider us your corporate Wizard of Oz – we’ll help get you to the promised land by clicking our template instead of your heels!