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Story Telling
Stay HUMAN – The Art of Storytelling!

Social Media is an amazing opportunity for businesses, employees, and the community as a whole to connect. Being ‘connected’ comes from a following of profiles, pages, and accounts on multiple media platforms that creates a global village for unlimited business opportunities, especially digital marketing and advertising initiatives. ‘Postings’ are an intricate and diverse media platform that provides your followers of updates, advice, information, and exciting insights you choose to make public to them. BUT, general posts can be repetitive and overwhelming if they are posted too frequently to the public and your followers. THIS is where Storytelling comes into play…

Posting stories on social media sites and apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook provides short and effective clips, photos, and videos that work as social media branding tools as well as being educational and personal. Stories are temporary postings that keep followers simply wanting more information! A story is exciting, compelling, and entertains the public and creates a personal feeling of relationship and connection that basic, public, permanent posts do not. If you want to create a sense of community on your social media platforms without over-posting or congesting your timeline, storytelling via stories is your way to go! Trust us.

Stories bring humanity, personal connections, friendship, and curiosity into mobile technology and social media. They take the robotic, technology controlled aspects of social networking and transform that into a human, enjoyable way to post about your life in a storytelling manner, your clients, followers, and friends being the audience! They say face-face, in-person, conversations and interactions are the most effective in business and in relationships, if face-face interactions are not possible in your business setting, or you want to bring this feeling to a huge following all at the same time, tell a story – it’s the most innovative communication tool yet!

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