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The Google Gods Are Calling! The Importance of Mobile Responsive Websites

Did you know that 85% of internet searches are now done on mobile phones instead of computer? YES, you read that correctly… 85%! When we search for websites on our mobile phone instead of our computers, websites typically look different than how they looked on your laptop or desktop computer. This is because websites can be designed to be mobile-responsive or non-mobile responsive, this depends strictly on the age, technological capacity, and software that websites are created with. These websites need clickable links, conversion buttons, fit-to screen images and text, and most importantly, they have to be easily accessible when you are on the go, searching for something specific on your mobile phone!

Google objective is to improve the user experience online and in searches. As such, their algorithms pick up websites that are optimized, and a key component of this is mobile responsiveness. When your website is not mobile responsive, you end up with a lower quality score and could end up at the bottom of searches, if at all. At NexGEN we always say “Google are the Gods” and they do help determine the success of your business online! Once your website is mobile responsive, has social media linked on the site, has clickable links and conversion buttons, and loads as quick as possible on a cell phone – you are very close to being optimized (plus a few other SEO tricks)! Here at NexGEN we specialize in making your business “Google optimized” and digitally updated! Since you have only 5 second to make an impression online, we want to ensure it’s a great one! Aesthetics, load time, clickable links, social media, map listings and more…that’s what we can do for you.

Another amazing initiative we have taken at NexGEN, on the topic of mobile responsive technology, is using the medium of mobile apps to our advantage and to your advantage – the audience! With our 3 extremely innovative marketing-oriented apps: InstaROI, Internal Marketing Business Application (IMBA) and External Marketing Business Application (EMBA) we bring the aging technology of websites and email back to life via mobile accessible, handheld apps!

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