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Top 5 Reasons to Work with NexGEN for Social Media Management

Building your business is one of the many goals we have at NexGEN Marketing Group. We are driven by our passion for helping our clients move to their “next generation”.

You may ask yourself, how do they stay on top of the trends and predict future success factors? Good question!  In addition to continuous learning through webinars, podcasts, social media and events, we connect with gurus and fellow entrepreneurs all over the world to share insights and learnings. We read technology blogs and innovation modules to ensure we are always ahead of the curve.

In addition to this, our most valuable tool for planning our clients’ success is through our social media marketing for them. Consumers are so deeply entrenched in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, we are able to learn their habits, preferences and search habits, so that we can design the best direction for your business.

So now for the fun part… the Top 5 Reasons to Work with NexGEN on your social media marketing:

  1. We are #hashtag experts! We study the use of hashtags and keywords to attract your target market, consumers, community, and future investors right to your posts and social media accounts. Hashtags are industry specific, and we are aware of the trending tags and keywords to bring the most attention to your business on social media, while keeping your posts as high quality as possible!
  1. Our knowledge and experience with video marketing! We have said this before, and we will say it again: video marketing is key for high engagements and emotional connection to your posts. Video creates a sense of appreciation and a relationship between the customer and the brand more than any other marketing element. We know a simple, even candid, video can change your whole point of view on social media – for the better!
  1. We know when to post for the ultimate results! One of the biggest questions in social media marketing is related to when you should post… We organize a strict, efficient, and customizable posting schedule for our clients that is highly effective and efficient. It outlines when we post, what the content is, and how often throughout the week we are active on social media – this takes confusion and last-minute rushing out of the picture entirely!
  1. Our passion for building businesses creates great engagement! One of the most gratifying and common feelings at NexGEN Marketing is a feeling of satisfaction when we see how many daily likes, comments, shares, and impressions your business page is getting. Our posts create excitement, sharing knowledge, tips, beautiful videos and images, and contests for your audience to feel involved and connected.
  1. We relieve all of your marketing worries and stress! Collaboration is one of our core values at NexGEN. We are the marketing specialists and YOU are the expert when it comes to your business and industry. We listen to what you need and then create the highest quality of content on your behalf. Our goal as a marketing company is to provide a team of experts who take the marketing work off your desk. When we hear our clients say “I don’t have enough time to keep up with my social media posting… I’m too busy in the operations of my business”, we jump in and say that we are here to help!

Contact NexGEN Marketing Group at or  (519) 501-6346. We can answer any questions you may have, and start on a Social Media Calendar for you right away!