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Video Marketing – Why You Can’t Live Without It!

In this age of one-way communications through a multitude of devices, people are getting bombarded with messages, sales pitches, ads and photos.  Video marketing is different – it creates a lasting, impactful, emotional connection.  Video has the ability to engage your audience in a matter of seconds. Yes, SECONDS!

Videos break through communication clutter. As a consumer and a member of the audience, we want to be entertained by a company or a business, we want their service or product to be able to excite us and make us emotionally connected. This is what Facebook, YouTube, Vlogs, Instagram TV, and Snapchat have been able to deliver to us!

There are two very remarkable statistics about Video Marketing that are important to acknowledge, those being:  87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool and 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. This means that even though there is a huge percentage of Video Marketing in the advertising world, more than half of the consumer population wants much more! This is an amazing opportunity for all businesses because of the outreach this marketing element can create, while resulting in a GIANT return on investment. Video Marketing is extremely affordable and can be done (in most cases) simply on your cell phone camera, in a very candid, organic way! Don’t worry about having to hire an expensive production team and spending thousands on technology…. opportunities are already at your fingertips!

Because Video Marketing is so simple and accessible it should be done consistently and has to contain quality content and takeaways for your consumer/audience. There needs to be a reason for why your customers want to keep listening and purchasing and that comes from posting and connecting to your target marketing daily. Post consistently, with quality, genuine messages embedded in the video, and you are guaranteed to interest your consumers while creating a significant ROI!

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Author: Cameron Smith, Marketing and New Business Development Assistant, NexGEN Marketing Group